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Different Types Of Forklift

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You may find forklift in any warehouse easily because without forklift it is complicated to manage any warehouse. Forklift need to move heavy stuff from one place to another. Forklift is must-have vehicles for the warehouse owner, it makes their life hustle free. There are many types of forklift available in the market and each type of forklift work differently but selecting forklift according to your work it will be a bit difficult. The forklifts from Melbourne can increase work efficiency and productivity at your workplace. 

Reach forklift truck:

Industrial reach forklift is known for their height because they can have the ability to lift the stuff on extended height. Forklift is ideal for any warehouse and for any situation if a warehouse has huge storage with high rise racking you need the forklift to reach on the top.  These stand-up trucks are the most common and used in the warehouse it has two forks on the front of the truck slide underneath palletized loads to lift the stuff and keep it safe. These trucks are mainly used for indoor work. Double reach machines are also used for the heavy purpose this machine can lift two pallets at the same time from the same rack.

Counterbalance lift:

This type of forklift is very common among all. It usually used for indoor purpose basically, in warehouse and stores but it can be used in outdoor as well. Counterbalance has two forks at the front of the truck that can lift the loads. Counterbalance lift has no extended way, therefore, it can work simply.

Telescopic handler forklifts:

Telescopic handler forklifts are the best for the outdoor and ideal for the shipping containers. Some people use them for agriculture purpose. Basically, telescopic handler forklifts works in every situation even they are the best for construction purpose as well. This machine is flexible than other machine and that’s the feature which makes this lifter different from other lifters.

Order picker:

This type of lifter only use indoor but at times people use outdoor as well, it depends on the person and situation how a person uses it. This machine is compact but it is very used most of the time you may find this lifter in the stores and warehouse. This lifter can reduce the time and cost of labour and work efficiently.

Sometimes fork lifter can also use to lift the cars, most you have seen when a person parks a car in wrong way how police lift their car they lift it with the help of forklift truck. Flexilift is an Australian based company they provide lifting service and provide forklifts on rent and they have forklifts for sale, you can purchase from them they can give warranty as well.