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Tips For Cheap Rental Cars

Renting a car can be a very trick process and it needs proper planning to hire a right car in right price. You can hire the same ca at 300 dollars per week and the same car can be hired for as less as 50 dollars per week by the same company. This type of changings and variations in car rentals Cairns is very common. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget friendly car rental then you might consider some of the tips.

There are some companies that work on fuel full to empty policy. This means that you hire a 4WD rental Cairns with its fuel tank as well and then return the car with the empty tank. In this case at first while hiring the car you need to pay for the full fuel tank and then even if you do not use it completely you still have to pay for the full fuel tank. This however reduces the effort but you need to pay for the extra unused petrol as well. Then there are companies that provide you with a fuel full to full policy. Which means that they give you car with its tank full and blocks some amount from your credit card and based on the return state of your tank fuel they cost you the admin charges accordingly. However, it is recommended to go for full fuel to fuel policy.

Do not hire another driver, having one driver for your holiday is enough but if you yourself can drive the car then its best to drive it own. Usually companies charges additional for hiring the driver therefore it is recommended that hire the one driver only for the job.

See the price difference of four door car rental price and two door rental car price, if the difference is not very much then go for hiring a four door car. Usually the companies offer cars in different categories, these categories vary in car condition and models. Usually, in the category of economy or mini, all the cars of the company get booked. But if you mention the company that you need the four door car only then they will highly likely give you a four door car from the business category or some upper category without charging you extra. In this way you can hire a four door car at a cheap rental car rate.